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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
New info on the cartridge from Guns America:

The highlights are:

1. SIG plans to offer the ammo in 2020.

2. SIG is also going to offer other calibers, including long-action and a 6.5 that is not a Creedmoor using their bimetallic cases and proprietary powders.

3. The bimetallic cases will be reloadable.

4. SIG states they are “all-in” and will support this in the civilian market whether they win the military contract or not.

5. SIG claims their proprietary powder addresses the barrel life issue all of us are thinking about and while they won’t release numbers yet, it is going to be magical.
OK, I'm really curious what the proprietary special powder is going to do. Unless I'm completely mistaken, the primary issue with barrel life is mostly tied to gas pressure and temperature, which can roughly correlate with operating pressure. A combination of fast-twist barrel and obscenely high operating pressure should present a fairly short service life, no matter the secret sauce in the powder technology.

Now, back to the recoil and blast, I noticed the shooter's reaction in the video link. I also noticed the sample rifle is suppressed, which 99.9% of the rifles that end up in the wild won't be. Given the current trend toward milder, more shooter-friendly cartridges, this looks like a step back into the Magnum race of the '90s and early 2000s.

I don't want to hate on it until it's in the hands of the public, but I'm reading SIG as a lot of hype and hyperbole at this moment. Hopefully I'm completely off-base and it's a revolution in small-arms technology. Only time will shake that out.

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