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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts
The link in my original post shows an “influencer” shooting the CROSS rifle in .277 Fury and he looks a little surprised at the recoil based on the muzzle jump in that first shot. He has it tamed by the second shot; but I’m guessing that guy is not a dirt clod shooter and he looked a bit shocked at first.
I was a little surprised as well how much the muzzle jumped as well with that first shot. Considering that the rifle as equipped probably weighs 10+ lbs.

6.5 lbs Cross Rifle
31 oz Tango 6 rifle scope
15 oz Sig 762 DT suppressor

That puts you right at 9.5 lbs and you can probably add at least another .5 lbs for rings and ammo. As equipped in the article blows your mountain rifle theory out of the water.

The Cross rifle is a blatant copy of Q's Fix rifle, but I'm surprised someone didn't copy it sooner. I'm interested in the cartridge because I'm an unabashed .270 Win fan. I'd really like to know what bullet they were shooting, I'd also assume it's running pretty high pressure so I wonder about throat life.
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