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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
We’ve got multiple threads on the military trials. I’d really appreciate people who want to rehash those arguments taking them there.

SIG offering their cutting edge technology to the public before the military trials are even done surprises me. Historically, that’s a move made by companies that lose the military trials.

I’ve got to say a 6.2lb rifle with the handling of a 16” barrel and the ballistics of a 24” .270 Win Mag sounds interesting. Seems like it would be a handy mountain rifle.
I keep seeing the ballistics of this new 6.8mm round thrown around, and all I can think is how bad the muzzle blast and recoil must be. Unless they're using some special barrel steel of alloyed unobtanium and unicorn horn, I expect very, very short service life.

Really curious to see what these end up looking like in the wild. SIG has some flat out neat stuff, I'm just skeptical of their general ability to execute on scale.

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