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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
Thanks meheavy; I'll look that up. I already have other 358 caliber cartridges so am well stocked in bullets but they tend to be heavier ones in 200 to 225 gr, though I do have some 180 tsx's (which I suspect would have opening velocity issues in the legend). Winnie's bullets look a lot like hotcores

Oh--I also see you're well down the research path in your links, I like that point blank range, really 200 yds is perfect for New England woods purposes. This cartridge may go the way of the 25-45 sharps (which I also have and also shoots hotcores extremely well), I'm just curious to see how it shoots in an AR.

You got some pretty heady performance for a small capacity 16" barrel 357--well done! I was wondering why your labradar dropped tracking at 90 yds--but it has a "weak spot" for pistol like bullets at the 1700 fps transition (or maybe you just wanted those 5 inputs alone?)
The bullets made for 350 Legend greatly simplify the process.
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