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With the Winchester QC problems, folks are having headspace problems.

With too much headspace (short brass and/or long chamber), weak primer hits can occur. Some gun / ammo combinations may work with excessive headspace due to the extractor holding the case rim. However, relying on extractors is not nearly as positive as proper case length and chamber dimensions.

With cases that are too long for a given chamber, the bolt will not fully close without compressing the case or squeezing the end of the case past the headspace step in the the chamber. If an AR is self feeding ammo, the inertia of the bolt can be enough to do just the above. Bolt actions can easily do it with heavy handed operation. If the end of the case is pushed in too far, the bullet will not release properly. Grossly flattened primers and split cases with factory ammo have been caused by Winchester brass that is too long.

Failure to fire problems are occurring. This is probably mostly too short, but can be from too long in an AR if the case is stopping the bolt from fully rotating into the locked position.

Fired cases of factory ammo are showing overpressure sings and/or gross damage.

People are measuring factory ammo cases as out of spec for length in both directions.

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