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Very interesting read from someone that was there yesterday that even I can understand. It pus me a bit at ease as almost all news coverage is pretty much declaring this case DOA though that certainly could happen which the author contends could mean other Second Amendment case possibilities. A snipit below.

The highlight of the arguments on the merits was a spectacular trap that Justice Alito sprang on the attorney for the City. Questioning him on NYC’s change of its laws, he asked, “Are people in New York less safe now as a result of the new city and state laws than they were before?”

Clearly surprised at this seemingly out-of-the-blue question, counsel responded that they were not less safe. Alito then pressed him to concede that there was thus no actual basis for the City to claim that the transportation ban was essential to public safety.

Counsel attempted to tap dance away from that, claiming the restriction accorded with the history of acceptable regulations under the Second Amendment.
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