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I just recently picked up one of the Lynx 12's. Wanted one of the Saigas when they first showed up, just never got around to getting one.

Found this used at a local shop and grabbed it. Dont have a lot of trigger time on it right now, but a mix of a couple hundred rounds of mostly buck, some slugs, and some birdshot. It was having some troubles with the bird shot, but I never messed with the regulator, and it fed the others without issue.

I like the AK's and this is just a 12ga AK. Manual of arms is slightly different than the rifle, mainly with the reload, but its still a quick and easy reload. If youre familiar with the AK's, they handle basically the same.

Gun handles well, shoots easy, and recoil isnt out of the norm or weird. I prefer shorter stocked guns, and find the Lynx to be perfect as it comes.

I removed all the recoil pads on my other shotguns and replaced them with butt plates, trying to get a similar LOP.

The reload with these is the thing a little out of the norm for an AK. You need to have the bolt back to get a loaded mag in the gun. Its not a big deal, you just need to get used to doing it. I just put the butt in my right thigh, cup my right hand over the top cover and pull the charging handle back and hold it to the rear as I swap the mag. As soon as the mag locks in, I let it go, and the gun is loaded and ready.

The Lynx does have a BHO, but I really dont use it, or at least not for reloading the gun.

I also have an old 1100 with a Speedfeed pistol grip stock on it. Ive had that gun around for a number of years and was using it for practice for this type of gun.

Im not really a fan of shotguns for home defense, and the fact that they are slow to load, especially when empty, just makes them less desirable.

I dont leave "loaded" guns around the house. I do keep guns with mags on them handly, as they are easily and quickly loaded when needed. The Lynx falls into that category. The 1100, even with a sidesaddle and Speedfeed, does not.

Ive never really had any issue with the 1100 shooting wise, as long as it was clean. Prior to using it with the pistol grip stock, I used it to hunt with, and there were a few times it did choke, especially when I was shooting a lot, like while dove hunting.

I like the Lynx, especially with them being mag fed and having the same MOA as the AK. I think for the money too, they cant be beat.

The 10 round mag is a little big/long, but not unreasonable, and the 5 round is about the right length for normal handling.

The Chinese three cell AK chest bags will carry three 10 round mags (flaps dont close, but the mags arent going anywhere unless you pull on them), and you can get three full reloads of loose rounds in the small grenade pouches.
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