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i changed out the loading gate,,,i call it a spoon,,,for the competition master part,,,the button on it is at least twice as long,,,maybe a little more,,,makes for easier reloading when you have to hit the button to open the gate

i also put on a choate 4 round mag extension and a choate large bolt handle,,,along with the choate black stock and forearm,,,with a slug barrel

so i made a poor mans competition master out of my older 1100,,,

its heavy when it is loaded,,holds 10 rounds,,,but she will rock,,,so with a little practice i can hold three rounds in my hand and with the comp master spoon installed i can stuff 3 rounds at a time in the mag,,,works pretty good,,took some practice but very doable

i also have an 870 set up pretty much the same way,,,i have used them both for training classes,,,they both worked out very well for me

i already had the guns so i just added parts to the ones i had,,,worked out good for me,,,and i still have the original stuff ,,so i can or could put them back to their original form if i wanted too

remington makes a 3 round mag extension,,,,,what ever you put on,,,make sure you use some kind of clamp to tie the mag extension to the barrel for support,,,

i will say that both my 1100 and 870 are older ones and does not have the funky mag tube the newer ones have with the dimples,,,mine are a straight through tube so nothing to hang anything on,,,or modify when you add a extension

just my .02

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