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You might want to read the data and the analysis, since it is clear you didn’t. But just to clarify, 300m isn’t the average. About 90% of fights occurred inside 300m in Hitchman’s analysis- which is basically the same thing the USMC found when analyzing fights in Iraq circa 2002. The majority occur inside 50m due to terrain and visibility limitations, rules of engagement, etc.
Ok, bad choice of the math. Same thing that justified the AK, 300 meters then becomes and average though as you want something more.

But it does not cover the reality that the 10% can be 1000 meters.

Or, Iraq in city vs the open country fighting now (more of it) though a lot in city as well.

So if your round (or the gun capacity with short barrels that reduces it) to under 300 meter and you are getting hit at 1000 then you are SOL.

The M16 was designed with a 20 inch barrel, not 14.

A SAW is the suppressor weapon, the Ms whatever now are the nailer and mostly fired in semi auto.

Afghanistan is a whole different range group.

Your round needs to cover all the realistic ranges no the jungle fight alone.

There is a reason a lot of 7.62 is being issued. Even in Iraq you had clear need for DM and Snipers to 800 yards.

For mounted troops a bullpup wold be the better choice.

You could also go with changeable barrels to tune the guns to the missions as well as a more overall optimized 6.5 class caliber.

And no, you don't carry extra barrels, is you are mounted you carry short, infantry can do an average range of lengths from all short ( in city) to all long open country or a mix before you go out or as a set standard set of mixes.

You don't have to be boxed in by artificial limits.
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