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The Army Research, Development and Engineering Center tested the 6.8 SPC thoroughly more than a decade ago. Its results indicate accuracy from an M4-size firearm in the chambering improved from 0 to 500 yards as well as terminal performance and reliability.
This little tidbit at the end of the OP's linked article reminded me of the industry scuttlebutt I'd heard in the mid 2000's when attending some classes, before my retirement. I'd have to see if I listed it in any of my notes from the various classes I was attending in that time period, but I remember one of the instructors taking a couple minutes to discuss how a couple of 2 bullet weights tested in rifles/carbines modified to use the 6.8SPC was producing some tentative good results. Nothing spectacular, but consistently better than the 5.56 in modified existing military small arms. Baby steps.

Of course, it was also discussed that the length of time the modern military needed to decide upon such a major change, and get political support and funding, would probably take at least several years. Guess that wasn't wrong ...
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