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I do think the move to 6.5 area rounds make sense

And I did leave out the drag factor involved, a 6.5 done right is really an optimizing of size and range for the need (which with a M4 range is woefully deficient)

The problem with the 300 meter average is that it means that you are in knife fights and fights out past 600 meters. Data is only as good as the analysis.

At the heart of the issue was the nonsense about being outgunned by AK47 because it had 30 round clips. Its how you use those rounds that counts. Sometimes a lot of rounds on target is suppression and often with non trained types, its a total waste.

So yes there is an advantage to moving to a 6.5 class bullet. You retain most of the ammo carrying ability and get a much better range performance. And it has no downside up close (a 1903/M1 had those issues just because of length and recoil) and the 7.62 was not any better.

But, you can never design a bullet that does all things. If it can penetrate armor, its not going to expand. Its a reason hunting rounds were lead tipped (more sophisticated now). No one has ever reported a deer, elk, moose, antelope wearing armor).

On the other hand, Elephants and Cape Town buff rounds are solids to get through the armored head and into the brain.

So, the 6.8 being proved decisively superiors is a load of crap. It could have been 6.4, 6.6, 6.7 or 6.9. Nothing in ballistics is that dicey on the edge.

Realist you have bullet classes of .224/.264/.308 (and then the big boys)

.277 spits the different between the 6.5 and the .308, and how that plays into it is??

But the realty is each jump is there for a reason, it offers something and the 6.5 for hunting and shooting people has a rational that has a lot going for it.

But 6.8 as the end all and be all is bull and its we invented it so its golden is all that is left.

The 6.8 spc had an advantage but it was limited by its weight aspect and velocity.

The same with a 30/30 (to excess). While is .308 is a low perfroman cartridge but did what was intended in the day it was created. It would have made a lousy medium size machine gun round.
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