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Even then I'm not sure it nor 6.8 SPC offers enough of an advantage over 5.56 to be worth the effort and expense.

If this new mystery round performs as advertised we're back to M14 rifle weights and recoil levels. And that didn't work out so well.
I tend to agree with those comments... if you are looking at it from the view of general issue to ground troops. Special Ops and other groups could benefit from from it, for sure, depending on the mission, etc. The 5.56mm round, and the weapons for them, check a bunch of boxes for the military, and I find it unlikely they will ever depart from it. Granted, we are talking Washington and the MIC, so they are spending our money, not theirs, so anything is possible.

A change, en masse, to another cartridge would be a logistical nightmare... not only from the initial cost of retooling the issue weapons, but the entire logistical train behind it... including magazines, spares, and even the actual production of the ammunition itself. Further, because the Military likes commonality, you are talking redesigning and updating crew-served weapons like the M240/249.

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