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Will likely piss off the Creedmoor fans.
The Creedmoor was never a consideration for a general use AR 15 size rifle. The 6.5 Grendel was, and with currently available options is the one I'd have chosen. Even then I'm not sure it nor 6.8 SPC offers enough of an advantage over 5.56 to be worth the effort and expense.

The 6.5 CM is a longer cartridge and couldn't possibly be made to work for what the military wanted. But as a semi-auto sniper round on the AR10 platform is already in use by some special forces units.

Time will tell. If the military can get the performance they claim, with acceptable recoil and reliability with some new super round that is fine. Lets just say I have my doubts.

The laws of physics are strictly enforced and the primary reasons 5.56 was chosen over 7.62 was due to uncontrollable recoil in full auto, along with the weight of the rifle and ammo. If this new mystery round performs as advertised we're back to M14 rifle weights and recoil levels. And that didn't work out so well.
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