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Why a Concealed carry permit is Almost useless

I have been contemplating getting a state issued concealed carry permit but it seems to me that it might be practically useless and only serve to identify me as breaking one of the many laws which regulate where you can carry:

Here is a typical day for me:

Leave my home and I am 200 feet from a safe School and recreation zone under Delaware law (a park down the street from my house).

CCW permitees are not allowed under Delaware Law to carry within 1000 feet of a safe school and recreation zone.

Drive my two small children to daycare entering a safe school zone, the daycare.

Drive past numerous schools rec fields and churches on my way to work for the department of services for children youth and families, which has the Ferris school, and other youth correctional facilities on the same property. (safe school zone, and a youth prison, and a halfway house for released delinquents).

End of the day reverse course and pick up the kids.

After dinner talke the kids out to play in the park, and the dog for a walk passing within or being in a safe school and rec zone.

I go out for a night on the town with my wife (rare these days) and the law says I cant have one drink (usually a beer) and carry legaly

Having a permit would identify me as carring to the police should I be stopped for speeding, or any other reason.

This would let them know I could be charged for breaking the SSZ law which says within 1000 feet of the property of a school or park.

I think there was a federal case which made the SSZ illegal but Delaware has ignored the ruling and I dont want to be the test case.

I have asked some police officers I came in contact with in the past what the law was and for the most part they dont know the law!!!!.

In De the constitution of the state includes the right to keep and bear arms and it does not mention the militia at all.

I asked several officers if it was ok for me to open carry, which is legal in the state of DE. The answer from 4 officers was no I would be arrested for disturbing the peace, or brandishing.
1 officer said it was ok and he would not arrest me.

It seems that the permit is more of a liability than an asset since it is coupled to my drivers license in the computer.

How do others in the forum deal with these issues?
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