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Thanks for all the suggestions. I did look into every suggestion made, and even if I ruled a certain option out, it gave me things to consider and helped sort out what I was willing to compromise on and what I wasn't.

In the end, I ordered a Bowers Bitty. It matches my original priorities very well 1) ease of cleaning 2)light/compact

I mostly plan shoot with rifles, and most reviews I saw said it does quite well with rifles. They say it's not great with pistols, but still hearing comfortable (which is okay for my purposes).

I looked into some of the modular options (Switchback, Erector, Oculus, Halcyon) that seemed to offer the best of both worlds, but in each case, their small configurations were larger and/or less effective* (based on the reviews I read/saw) than the Bitty, which isn't much bigger than many flash hiders or compensators.

I hope to be able to give a field report inside of a year.
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