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Trusts seem to have notable wait times right now.
Individuals are not as bad.

Some of the good things I read about the El Camino say that it maintains or even improves accuracy on some guns and that it doesn't change POI.
I do not believe.

I believe barrel harmonics are the biggest factor in POI shift and accuracy changes.
It's quite simple: Hang a chunk of steel/aluminum/titanium on the end of your barrel, and it's going to change the barrel harmonics. Neither the barrel nor the inanimate object can just pretend that nothing changed.

No POI shift if the firearm is sighted in for use with the suppressor, and it is mounted in a very repeatable way? Yea, that's believable. I can do that with my .270 Win and the Harvester 300.
But I do not believe in claims of no POI shift and/or increased accuracy, no matter the firearm, when comparing suppressed and unsuppressed, for a suppressor that could be used on hundreds (or even thousands) of makes and models of firearm.

I'm not coming up with a good metaphor.
I'll settle for: It's like hitching a travel trailer to your truck and then claiming that it's even faster and more efficient while pulling the extra weight.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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