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My first priority is ease of maintenance/longevity
My second priority is being compact/lightweight.
Third priority is actual decibel reduction.
1. All stainless steel. Allows you to use more aggressive cleaning methods. But even with the cheapest all aluminum can its unlikely that you will ever wear it out from shooting, only from being too aggressive in cleaning.
2. Pretty much every rimfire silencer is compact/lightweight. Ti or AL will usually be lighter than stainless, but Ti comes at a higher price.
3. Measurement of sound is voodoo. Not every sound meter meets the ability to measure peak db over such a brief period. I believe the only sound meters meeting the mil standard are discontinued models and getting quite expensive. So far there is very little independent testing of silencers, leaving it to the marketing department to provide the decibel reduction.

Measuring decibels at the ear/muzzle/downrange are all important.
At the ear for the shooter.
At the muzzle for bystanders.
At a point downrange for the targets (whether human or not)

Not all silencers will be quieter than others at all three points.

I transfer/sell a lot of rimfire silencers. The most popular over the last year are (in no particular order):
Dead Air Mask
Q El Camino
Silencerco Sparrow

You can go to and do a comparison of the features of each silencer from around fifteen different manufacturers.

If it were me...….Q El Camino.
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