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.22 suppressor recommendation?

I've never had or used a suppressor before, but I have several .22 rifles and pistols (a couple of which have threaded barrels) and I'm considering a suppressor.

My first priority is ease of maintenance/longevity. Especially since I'm new to this, I'm worried about getting something that's a headache to take care or won't last a long time.

My second priority is being compact/lightweight. I don't shoot from a bi-pod or bench. I mostly shoot offhand and I don't want something that will really throw off the balance or handling of the guns.

Third priority is actual decibel reduction. Obviously, I want noise reduction (or I wouldn't be considering a suppressor), but as long as I can shoot without ear protection, I don't need the quietest model on the market.

Cost is considered too, but if I could get suggestions at some different price ranges, I could go from there.

Thanks for any help.
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