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Yes, but in the human population, there are always "defective products", no matter what race they are from.
Unless you knew who the German POW was and what his criminal history was, this is totally irrelevant.

And yes, the POW was German, but killing people purely because of their nationality/ancestry is completely unacceptable--and if you think about it, using such an argument in support of killing Germans during WWII is tremendously ironic given that Germany's greatest crime was killing people purely because of their ancestry.
I think there was a movie made in the 1950s or so...
If your frame of reference for this type of issue is movies, then perhaps you should do some other research before trying to discourse on the subject.
The SS were scum...
1. You don't know that the German POW was SS.
2. Even if he were SS, it would still be a war crime to shoot him in the manner Askins described.
He would only be a psychopath if...
Perhaps you should look up the definition of psychopath before trying to tell others what it is.
I thought if maybe he had said: "I saw what these Germans did to these poor folks in Auschwitz and now I am gonna give em' a piece of my mind", we can sympathize with him.
1. The incident took place early in the war, before anyone outside of Germany knew about the concentration camps.
2. Askins' account does not suggest or even hint that he was shooting the German for any reason other than the damage being done to the vehicles.
3. Even had he known about Auschwitz, shooting a POW in the manner described would still be murder.
The boy's father waited outside the courtroom and blasted the dirtbag pointblank with a .38 snubbie and it was on video too.
Gary Plauche was charged with 2nd degree murder for killing the rapist/abductor of his 11 year old son but pleaded to manslaughter and was given a 7 year sentence.
Do you know about the TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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