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Rachen your definition of psychopath is as wrong as your conclusion regarding Askins behavior. Askins, by his own admission killed because he could, without remorse. By definition psychopathic behavior. Rationalization of inhumane behavior in response to real or imagined
inhumane behavior is not how rational humans behave. I accept that in war good men can cross the line. Askins was not a good man who went too far. He was a psychopath taking advantage of power and position to do his evil.
I have not delved fully into Askin's accounts but if that was what he said, then certainly, he is a psychopath. Just like that guy from the movie "War Hunt". Wasn't he killing POWs in the Korean War and then turned out to be a serial killer who also murdered people in San Francisco? I thought if maybe he had said: "I saw what these Germans did to these poor folks in Auschwitz and now I am gonna give em' a piece of my mind", we can sympathize with him. Remember that case a while back about how some dirtbag raped and murdered a 5 year old boy and got off on an insanity rap? The boy's father waited outside the courtroom and blasted the dirtbag pointblank with a .38 snubbie and it was on video too.
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