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Given that squibs aren't entirely uncommon and usually result in a bulged barrel but not an exploded barrel, I wonder if saying you'll be showered with barrel fragments is overselling it a bit. I agree bore obstructions are obviously bad, but what we're talking about often doesn't form a perfect seal and shouldn't result in nearly the pressure spike of a obstruction inside the barrel as simple over the top of the bore. There are absolutely instances of shootings where pistols have been discharged against an assailant without detonating the pistol in the process (and I wonder if part of that is due to the recoil operated action of pistols allowing for some gases to escape out the rear of the chamber as the case is being extracted, but I am far from the expert of some people here). There are also retention positions for shooting that help mitigate that issue.

None of this is meant to say that knows can't and aren't extremely effective close quarters weapons, I just don't know if pistols are as prone to detonation as is described above.
Yeah I concede on that one. I was being a bit exaggerating about what a bore obstruction can do but just to illustrate how dangerous it can be and how much we all want to avoid it. Garlic cloves and banana peels have often resulted from the use of improper ammunition, debris clogging the bore, or firing a squib which gets stuck inside the bore and then subsequently firing another round into the barrel. These would be just as undesirable as having a barrel "detonate". Not only is your gun possibly permanently ruined, but if there is still a fight going on and you only have that gun at hand, things will turn bad very quickly. Even though we today have a whole world of physics and ballistics info at our disposal, looking at and reading accounts of actual gunshot wounds or NDs involving objects being hit, it seems that what a bullet would actually do upon the ignition of the cartridge is still up to pure chance. If there is a chance where firing into a contact range target would damage my gun and possibly injure me also, I would not want to attempt it.
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