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It's difficult to Monday morning quarterback these types of things with a black and white response.

If you haven't taken a force on force class with sim rounds, you really don't know.

If you have taken a force on force class with sim rounds, you still don't really know. But you have an idea.

The "belly gun" is one I used to carry when I would carry my main sidearm at my strong-side. The revolver was a Smith and Wesson 360PD appendix. It was carried there for that very reason. In being a belly gun. Unlike a semi-automatic where the slide needs to reciprocate to chamber the next round, the revolver just spins in place and you can dump all 5-6+ rounds into someone with much less chance of a stoppage.

So yes, they are better in that. What's best in all is avoid stupid places, at stupid times, and with stupid people.

Distance is always best and nothing, I mean nothing goes like you think it will. In any scenario, you can conjure up.

With all this said, I highly recommend a force on force class.
Which is why the answer to the OP question may very well be "no". Because our job as responsible citizens and family folk is to stay out of trouble, keep our loved ones out of trouble, and be able to respond accordingly when trouble do hit us. We may have our minds set to doing good things and productive things, but the streetrat lurking in a dark corner trying to figure out a way to break in your house for easy crack money don't think like that. He has already chosen his battleground, with you as the unwitting and unsuspecting participant. And tools and training, good training that is, do just that, to provide you with the resources to turn the tables on him.

This subject is really thought-provoking and is a lot like defensive driving. After all, I am not worried about cruising into another lane and hitting someone. I know that will never happen because I am physically and mentally fit to drive and I thoroughly make sure the equipment I am driving is in road-safe condition, always. BUT...that doesn't mean someone else might not cruise into my lane and hit me. For someone driving a compact car, that is already a nightmarish scenario. And I drive a Kenworth flatbed...A lot of times with a Caterpillar backhoe strapped to the cargo slab. Trying to swerve or make sudden movements to avoid another motorist, especially on a wet or frozen motorway, is just asking for loads of trouble. Defensive driving and driving experience help me stay focused as well as observant of my surroundings, so when someone makes a traffic error that can result in an emergency, I would know how to react. Hopefully.
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