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It's difficult to Monday morning quarterback these types of things with a black and white response.

If you haven't taken a force on force class with sim rounds, you really don't know.

If you have taken a force on force class with sim rounds, you still don't really know. But you have an idea.

The "belly gun" is one I used to carry when I would carry my main sidearm at my strong-side. The revolver was a Smith and Wesson 360PD appendix. It was carried there for that very reason. In being a belly gun. Unlike a semi-automatic where the slide needs to reciprocate to chamber the next round, the revolver just spins in place and you can dump all 5-6+ rounds into someone with much less chance of a stoppage.

So yes, they are better in that. What's best in all is avoid stupid places, at stupid times, and with stupid people.

Distance is always best and nothing, I mean nothing goes like you think it will. In any scenario, you can conjure up.

With all this said, I highly recommend a force on force class.
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