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Germans are still humans.
Yes, but in the human population, there are always "defective products", no matter what race they are from. John W. Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Washington DC Sniper are also humans, but they have done deeds that shown that they are simply not fit to continue living in the human population anymore. Many years back I listened to one of my Grand Uncle's neighbors, whose father had been a member of the "Inner Mongolian Mounted Patrols" during the turn of the 20th century and had fought in the Boxer Rebellion, tell his father's stories of what he had seen and done during the conflict. On one of the skirmishes the rangers had captured 20 Spanish soldiers that were guarding one of the foreign legations in Beijing. "Put em' face facing sky in a ditch and ran them over with a steam tractor". That was to put in short description what this guy's father and his men had done with the Spaniards. He even went on to say that he was the operator of one of the machines and afterward used the excavator's claw to mash up the remains into the dirt. Now these Spaniards may not have been looting and pillaging, but by that time of the war, tempers have already boiled well beyond control. There are other accounts of what that group had done to other captured foreign soldiers and sailors that would have made the deeds of "Tookie" Williams seem like a child baking bread. But that is the ugly face of war. Now I was a pretty emotionally stout youngin', but that story really f****d with my head. That is most likely why, just like a vast majority of other gun enthusiasts and martial arts professionals who mastered truly deadly techniques, I have never had any desire to be in conflict with anyone, much less wanted to be in a war unless family and loved ones were in danger. Ironically, I have a European Spanish GF now and I love her with all my heart. Funny to think of things that could come back to try to mess up a man's head again, even if they were tales from a distant past.

"Disturbing"? "Over the top"?? I find compassion and empathy for a German soldier during WW2 disturbing. I have a series of WW2 books, and the pictures of the holocaust and what the Germans did are unspeakable. Men like Askins are the reason a swastika isn't flying over our capital today. I knew a WW2 vet who fought in the battle of the bulge. He told me what it was like. Those Germans didn't have any compassion or empathy for Allied troops before or after being captured. It was kill or be killed.

A big, burly German prisoner of war in the midst of sabotage, wielding a Ball peen hammer is not "unarmed", at least as far as I am concerned. Sounds like a 230 FMJ cured his issues and perhaps sent a clear message to the rest of his crew. Sorry, no compassion here.
I think there was a movie made in the 1950s or so with Lee Marvin as the lead and it features an innocent Midwestern farm kid who joins the US Army to fight the Axis in the Western Theater. He joined with a big heart and optimism for even the distant enemy that he was heading towards to fight. But then along the way, his unit liberates several death camps and rescues many starving and emaciated prisoners. After that, this farm boy wasn't so lenient anymore and I think in one the scenes he shot an already surrendered SS camp guard up to 20+ times with his service rifle. I bet a lot of these incidents happened even in the US and British armies, with or without an officer's approval. Perhaps a faint nod, and an officer would walk away pretending not to see it. It is hard not for raw emotions to rage out of control when a normal man sees something like Auschwitz or Dachau. Every soldier, regardless of nationality, who was involved in the liberation of these camps probably wanted to feed a German soldier feet-first through a wood chipper. Everybody knows war sucks, but there are those people who must be held accountable for their actions. The SS were scum, and a lot of these scum were properly dealt with by the Russians, Yugoslavs, Poles and many others who REALLY harbored a grudge. A lot of regular Wehrmacht infantrymen were probably not involved in the actual business of the Final Solution, but they associated with the wrong crowd and in the midst of a nasty war such as that, many men are simply "guilty by association".

Askins had a lot of stories and was a good writer, but my conclusion after reading his autobiography is that if he was telling the truth he was probably a psychopath. He appeared to have no compunctions about killing people, even when he was in no danger and other methods would have worked just as well. More to the point, he was not at all ashamed of his behavior.
He would only be a psychopath if he had killed the German POW simply for fun or because he wanted to "know what it was like", as said by many a movie serial killer. But if he killed him because he witnessed the results of a Nazi death camp a week earlier, then he has my sympathies. After all, were I a soldier liberating one of these camps, and then capturing Nazi prisoners, there is a very good bet that these Nazis would not have seen the next sunrise, ever again.
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