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I did not know all this about Askins. I guess I was not looking for it as I read old gun rag articles.
Its not like I was in his fan club.....It was sad to find out the dark side of Cosby,too.
If a US GI POW was disabling captured jeeps or deuce and a halfs,we'd consider him a hero,and we'd be outraged at his murder.
At the same time,we might have expected murder from our enemies at the time.
Confronting evil is why we were at war. We can't do that by practicing evil.

That settled,(to my satisfaction) the OP's question ,IMO,is about something other than Askins character (I hope).

A while back,here on TFL was a video of a man in line in a convenience store counting the money in his wallet.A man behind him slapped the wallet out of his hands and picked it up.
The victim resisted,and was savagely ,and potentially fatally beaten.
While,in this case,the victim was helpless,
In that situation,or if a mountain lion was on my back with my head in his mouth,if I could choose a good gun to get my hand on,it might be the 44 SPL Taurus snubby I used to have,or even a pocket J frame S+W.Even a Charter Bulldog.
And instinctively pressing the muzzle against whatever was killing me and pulling the trigger might be the best plan I had. There isn't time to really overthink it in the situation.

And doing it immediately,while in close contact ight be better than waiting for some distance.
I would guess a muzzle contact shot from a snubby might be a really effective way to get some distance.
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