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Yes, john, it was askins and that was the circumstance, somehow, my memory has started feeding me a few defective facts lately. I guess that my memory just turned 58 and it is mocking me.

I almost wish that I hadn't brought it up.

Frankly, I also believe that the guy was bug nuts crazy, that he wasn't at all the kind of guy who I want handling law enforcement in any place other than the worst possible hells. From wikipedia:

Askins was controversial for the relish with which he described the numerous fatal shootings in his law enforcement and military careers, stating he had killed 27 men.[1][4] Because he was involved in numerous shootouts along the US/Mexico border, and due to his stated practice of not keeping track of African-Americans and Hispanics, the actual number of killings he committed was potentially much higher.[1] Askins once remarked that he thought he was a psychopathic killer, and that he hunted animals so avidly because he was not allowed to hunt men anymore
Some of these passages are attributed to massad ayoob.

He was also a stone cold killer. For those of us who knew him, there was just no gentler way to put it.
Charles Askins, Jr. killed dozens of men, both in war and on the streets. When asked for an official body count, the Colonel replied, "Twenty-seven, not counting [blacks] and Mexicans."
American Handgunner, Nov-Dec, 1999 by Massad Ayoob

Dissemble all that you want to, guys, askins was not a good man. He did terrible things, no matter what excuse there is for it, there are no justifications for some of the things that he did.

If massad calls him a stone killer, and infers that he is also a loon, there really isn't any better authority IMO. Dillinger did the same thing.
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