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What was the prisoner doing again? Oh that's right, Sabotage... during WW2.... with a ball peen hammer. He was disabling captured vehicles so that the Allies couldn't use them. Yes, perhaps a golden 230 grain ball from Askins pistol was too harsh. You guys may be right! Teachable moment here; Perhaps give him extra rations and a stern lecture... that might teach him a lesson and send a message to the rest of those captured Nazi Troops. Or give him a camel no filter and share some music and laughter. Perhaps it wasn't sabotage, perhaps the big burly German was just upset and needed to vent, as there was no safe space in the encampment and he wasn't feeling safe? Yes, Askins was far too harsh and I shouldn't try to defend him, as it's not PC.
We don't even know if it actually happened... writers are known to embellish. What's that saying... "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"?

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