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There seems to be a lot of projection in this question. If you've run into some real a holes in the past I'm sorry to hear that. Can I guarantee for you that people won't pass judgement on the internet? No, that's how this has worked for as long as I can remember. In my experience that judgement has a lot to do with people justifying their decisions by telling people who have chosen differently why they are wrong. At the same time just because you like something doesn't mean that you shouldn't always consider the pros and the cons.

I really don't care what someone else carries unless he or she is fundamental to my security. I will say the argument against capacity that is often made because of the odds of ending up in a gunfight has always run hollow to me. If you're going to go that way then you could make the argument that you likely don't need to carry at all. Now I don't carry as much as likely someone out there does so it will depend a lot on your point of view, but I do think that rationalizing based on odds can be a lazy way out of considering that factor.

I've carried a 4" Model 19 before. To me it's a lot more work than carrying a number of other pistols. But if it's what you want to do more power to you.

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