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All this means is that it comes from the feces of house cats, tame and feral.
OK. I prefer not to have a cat. It is not unusual for a cat to get up on food prep surfaces . They do use cat boxes. I'm not sure how much cross contact deer have with feral cats.

I'm not sure what preferences and biases the author of your article may have.
A link would be good. A vegan anti-hunter with six cats might write a slanted article.
I'm interested in solid information.

There are two very separate issues here. One is food safety. That's legit. Show me a university study or FDA or USDA info that says "We recommend for this reason venison be cooked to a minimum of 155 deg f" I have a thermometer.I can work with that.

I think modern practices have greatly reduced trichina in pork,but trichinosis was a valid reason to not serve pork rare.Too much pink in pork,I get squeamish.

The other issue that we seem to be more concerned with is personal preference on degree of "done".

Enjoy it your way!! I'm not going to tell you how to eat. Agreed,some cuts require "low and slow".

I don't make burger. I've found I enjoy round best as jerky. Backstraps are chops . My favorite use for near everything else is stew meat size chunks.
My typical prep is season,flour,brown. Serve. should still be pink.

If you are telling me I have to cook all cuts to well done....I might just take pictures and eat beef.

Update: Found and read the article. I'm far less concerned about venison than I am about house cats!!
And what kid with a sand box in the back yard has not encountered "nuggets"?

If your cats use the cat box,then walk on your countertops....hmmm...Where do you spread out and process a deer?
I am now more skeptical of house cats than ever!

But I did find this.They recommended,if you do not freeze the meat first,cook to 145 f then rest 3 minutes.

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