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My kids and I have eaten 10x our body weight in medium rare to medium venison. It is recommended you freeze it first before eating it that way. Forgive me I forget the pathogen but it is some sort of protozoan that can make you sick.

We eat it as steaks, fajitas, stir fry, stroganoff, pot roast, stew and anything you can do with burger. I am going to roast a hind leg I boned out like a leg of lamb for christmas. That will go in the big green egg until it's medium. (138F)

Knowing what cuts are good for each dish is key. Clearly shanks get ground or cooked to death. Neck and shoulders are good stew and pot roast meat. The tops of the shoulders like blade steaks are good kabob or fajita meat. Most of the sirloin and round are used for steak or stir fry meat. Venison ribs have been a hit as of late.

Someone once told me you either need to cook venison 2 minutes or 2 hours. Not strictly true but the sentiment is correct.
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