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Your friend has a 1910 Winchester .30-30 Rifle Model 1894, with what looks like standard features - IOW, no special order features.

The buggered forward tang sight base screw hole plug screw suggests that it might have had a tang peep sight mounted at one time - if so, it's a shame that it's gone.

The pics are too dark to determine it's gondition, in terms of the remaining % of original factory finish on wood & metal parts, and the mechanical operating condition is unstated/unknown - all of which go toward estimating value.

The best way to find the true value would be to surf only sold/closed gun-only guctions to find out how much somebody's been actually willing to pay of one in the same condition/features today/recently.

Please remember that any "asking" prices, "buy it now" prices, and "opening bids" are not values (reality) - they're hopes & dreams.


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