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Originally Posted by roger05

hello can some please help with these

4430016 - 1976
4562840 - 1977
5378405 - A 94AE, after 1982 - need more info
5614841 - Same as above
V163517 - Ditto
YB4468 - Ditto
YB4687 - Ditto
There are no SN records available for Winchester Model 94AE (Angle Eject) models, and I am unfamiliar with letter-prefixed Winchester 94 SN's. (I'm just not that into AE's)

The DOM can only be narrowed down and/or generalized with a full description of the rifle, including the presence of a crossbolt safety, no CBS, or no lawyer safety at all; chambering, barrel length & config (round, half-octagon, etc), and stock type.


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