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Didn't the entire bill with the Hugghes amendment get passed?

Focusing on how the amendment was added and ignoring the fact that the bill, with the amendment included, passed won't get you anywhere.

Congress sets the rules for how it considers and passes legislation and no court is going to get into the business of interpreting internal congressional rules.

The amendment may have been added surreptitiously but the entire bill was voted on with the amendment included.

The hugghes amendment was intended to poison the FOPA. There was so much good in it that not voting for it on account of the Hughes amendment would have been contrary to the goal of furthering gun rights.

If that would have happened the ATF would probably still be going around doing excessive inspections on FFLs and we would still have logs of ammunition purchasers among other things.

The Hughes amendment is bad but not having the FOPA would be even worse.
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