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Best for what?

I love my 9X18 Makarov; it just never jams. It's very easy to hit your target also. It only holds 8+1 rounds but that single stack magazine makes it very flat and good for carry purposes.

Best for carrying, however, is my P3AT. It sits in my pocket and takes up less room than an empty wallet.

For power, I would have to say, is my tweaked chrome CZ 52, It's a monster. It's accurate, too. If I ever had to take out someone behind a door, or even a car, it would be "best." I had to fiddle with it a bit & upgrade the firing pin to get it right but, since I did that, it hasn't jammed once. It does some crazy damage with Wolf hollowpoints. I'd rather have it than a .45.

For pure range puposes, I love my 9MM Norinco TT33 clone, the Model 213. It's incredibly accurate and pleasant to shoot. It's one of the unknown great pistols.
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