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After owning many different popular brands, I have chosen the Glock as my primary carry weapon. I also have a Springfield 1911 Champion which is a great carry weapon, but given the mandate of only one gun, it would have to be a Glock 30.
I have three Glock 19s, two are 2nd gen without finger grooves, one is OD third gen. They are great for their size, function, features, and overall package. The model 30 I picked up in Jan of this year, and it is only slightly larger than the 19, carries 11 rounds of the big .45 ACP, and functions just as good as my 19s. It is also very soft shooting, and accurate. It is rapidly becoming my all time favorite and I hope to get a new one soon. I will probably TRY to find a 30 SF, it seems to be the HOTTEST selling Glock out there right now.
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