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Wow! Old thread.

I'll tell you something I learned in my last match: I learned to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire! I also learned not to get in so big a hurry that you forget to do things right.

One of the competitors (not me!) in my last match got in a hurry and dropped a magazine. He reached down to pick it up with his weapon in his hand, and reached through the trigger guard to grip the mag. When he did,... BOOM! Accidental Discharge! Noone was hurt, but it left a big puff of dirt right next to his hand, and a lot of competitors with arythmic heartbeats!

Says he: "D.Q. I'm going home!" And, quite disgusted with himself, stopped the clock and packed his gear. He was one of the more experienced shooters at the match that day.

Let this be a lesson: Think you're too good for it to happen to you? It can! Keep your mind on what you're doing when you shoot.
- Honor is a wonderful and glorious thing... until it gets you killed!

- Why is it that we fire 1,000 rounds and know that we need more practice, but yet we punch a bag 10 times and think we know how to fight?

- When in doubt, train, train, train...
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