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The Texas star is realy not that difficult once you start thinking in the 4th dimension. It is not a moving target, but a target that is in one spot at one moment in time and at another spot another time.

I know that is deep, but bear with me. You know the exact route that the plate will be following. Pick a spot on that route and aim for it. Don't move the gun to the plate, I promise the plate will come to you. Just before the forward edge of the plate touches the edge of your sight, squeeze off your shoot. Don't get distracted by the spinning, that is what it is designed to do, don't let it win. The tricky part is learning the timing.

I do fine on the steele versions, but GoSlash's clever pratcice rig can give me fits. Who knew that slow-moving clay pigeons would be tougher than whirling steele plates?

The thing that I learned was not at a match, but at our end of the year banquet were I was awarded the dubious honor of "most no-shoots". It is only the most among active club members, and most of them were mearly grazed, but still no-shoots. Yet somehow I managed to move up a class, and take 2nd in my class for the year. It didn't take much thought over a cold beer to realize that if I hadn't hit all those hostages I would likely have taken 1st in class and possibly moved up a little more. So my goal for the year is to put every shot on the target I want, where I want it.
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