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I don't have an Akins Accelerator and really had no interest in getting one but I have to laugh at the "disposal" procedure. They want people, who are currently not on the BATF's radar screen, to send them the spring and sign a piece of paper stating that

1. You owned this device.
2. You know that this device is now classified a machine gun.

What exactly is the benifit to ANY person in doing this!?!? I would think it would be better to simply remove the spring and lock the whoel thing away, or dispose of it permanently, rather than do anything to attract the ATF's attention. You KNOW the ATF will maintain the list of all those 'evil gun nuts" who owned one of these things they will be #1 on the list for harrasement in the future.

Greatest lie ever told... "I am from the ATF and here to help you."
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