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shooting on steel

I shot a USPSA special classifier match on Sunday.

All four stages were done entirely on steel. The match cycled very quickly -- If I would've known how quick the match was going to go, I would've brought a revolver and got classified in the "revolver" class as well.

Follow through and a proper rhythm are important in shooting reactive targets.

I was shooting a borrowed .45 on a para-ordnance frame with a recoil compensator (I usually shoot in "production") because I wanted to get classified in "open".

A 4-1/4 lb trigger may/may not be practical for carry on the street, but it's certainly a joy to shoot.

I saw lots of people who were trying to improve their classification go too fast and "crash and burn" on multiple stages. But, you can't find "the edge" until you go over it a few times.

Each stage had 6 pepper poppers of various configuration (full size and 2/3rds scale) at different distances. I usually was able to clean the plates in about 7 seconds. Some guys were doing it in right around 3 seconds, depending upon the stage.

I couldn't be that fast on the best day I ever had . . .
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