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I got to talking with a good Friend today, anyway what we kept coming up with is that the NRA never helped keep the NFA and the like from happening.

After thinking more about the law it came to me that the NRA wants true machine guns to be used as cover for every other rifle. The fasts are that most semi auto rifles "could" be made into full autos if the need ever came. But if we lose machine guns AND semi auto rifles then we are really screwed.

So to some extent just semi auto rifles cover the need of "arms". However as the trend has been falling back from one piece of cover to the next, I would like to see some ground won back. It is not a need but just a want.

I would love to see the laws brought back a bit, to the point where I can invent/build new types of rifles and just pay the tax.

Also the "sporting purpose" clause is very unjust as target shooting is a SPORT, and seeing and shooting odd/rare guns is a big part of that sport. To ban something on it appearance is also unjust as the 2nd amendment says "arms" not "nice happy looking arms" just "arms".

I still think that writing any compliant should use all the civil rights story's. The people the people that the government has called hero's would be a good start(there are bad civil rights people who you really don't want to bring up when asking for something). Just make sure you go into all the touching details, the more emotion an argument has the more likely it will pass in this day and age.
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