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WW2 Cartridge Case Headstamps - German 7.92mm and British 303

Hi All

I am hopeful that you may find the below useful. I have put together comprehensive guides to the headstamps of 7.92mm German WW2 cartridge cases as well as British 303s.

In the past, when trying to identify manufacturers of both these cartridges, I have had to visit multiple websites to get the information I need. I decided that I can't be the only one having to do this so decided to put together these guides, with information taken from the web and other reference sources. I would love to be able to post the guides here in their entirety, but they are just too big to post on a forum.

I will get round to doing the same thing for US 30cal at some point in the near future and will update this post when I have done so.

I hope you find the guides useful.


303 cartridge case headstamps -

German 7.92mm cartridge case headstamps -
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