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How do you know if you're getting better or worse if you don't consider time?

Do you believe that ignoring time and leisurely shooting your target at a comfortable pace is the best answer?
I usually avoid answering questions that elude to something I never said or do not believe but since Zombietactics has made an effort continue the conversation, I guess I should as well.

In my laymans opinion there are many elements to armed self defense and "time" is only part of the skill based element. I will concede that although slow and deliberate has merit in some circumstance... most people are not trying to get slower. All that being said, I am not really inclined to believe that absolute speed is the singular deciding factor in many self defense related conflicts. In comp its a huge factor and many competitors fall victim to seeing every judgment through that filter. Lighting fast split times does not necessarily mean a person is a competent defender. In the most general sense, armed defending is a partnership between Mindset, Tactics, Strategics, Skill and Gear.

How do I know if I am better? I consider myself better when my training, knowledge and experience is substantially increased. I dont base it on any one thing.

Do I believe that leisurely shooting targets at a comfortable pace is best? As an introduction to firearms.. sure. As training.. No
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