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Originally Posted by Model12Win View Post
Anyone run their home defense shotgun with the standard tube? On the Remington 870, that's 4 rounds of #1 buckshot for me:

I love the way the standard tubes with no extension balance and point. They just feel "right", and there is very little to go wrong with them. No problems with feeding due to extension junction points or the extension becoming bent/damaged in some fashion. I believe Dave McCracken was a fan of standard-length mag tubes on defensive shotguns as well, but don't quote me on that.

It's my choice, whether a box stock old school police 870 or a newer version with more "tactical" accessories like a Surefire forend, the 4+1 setup works for me.

But what about you? Do you think 4+1 is fine for home defense, or perhaps not? Please share your thoughts. Thanks gang!

4+1 Federal Flight Control #1 Buck.

The way this stuff hits...?


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