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I live out in a rural area, and have a few dogs. Odds of someone breaking into my home, low.

Odds of someone breaking into my home WHILE I'm home, lower than that.

Odds of that person being armed while breaking into my home while I'm home, even lower than THAT.

Odds of two armed people, breaking into my home, while I'm home with the will to keep fighting after my 5 rounds 00Buck, HK VP40 (back-up), a German Shepherd, Saint Bernard, two Great Danes, and the Yorky (She's a bitch) over a T.V. that is now probably full of holes or blood? If all those stars align then it's just my time.

I also have a safe with numerous other weapons if needed. I just doubt I'll need several hundred or thousand rounds to run off or stop a pair of 90 pound, tweaked out meth heads.
Always best to have and not need than to need and not have.
What if they bring tear gas and grenades?
I screw things up--so you don't have to.
I am NOT an expert--I do not have any formal experience or certification in firearms use or testing; use any information I post at your own risk!
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