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When I was younger I jumped a BIG doe on the way to my stand. I took one of those shots that you shouldn't take and effectively instinct shot it with a .270 (I think some Winchester Failsafe ammo back in the day). It was quartering away and it was a lucky shot. The thing ran about 200 yards through some heavy brush and it was not easy to track as there was very little blood for the first 50-75 yards. When I gutted it I could not identify much in the way of the lungs or heart - they kind of "poured" out. Utterly amazed at how far that deer had run. Of course it was startled so that might have had something to do with it.
The thing about the "autopsy" on the deer shot with the 300 WBY was that there was really no internal damage other than the caliber size hole.
She ran until her lungs filled up. That was it. More like being shot with an arrow using a field point.
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