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As usual, we have different views!

The big pluses for the conversions on 1911's, at least, are you
get to use a 1911 trigger. Don't know about the 92 trigger, but, it's excellent training.

Also, my luck finding accurate 22lrs under 400-500 dollars has not been good. A Marvel conversion on a 1911 runs 400 dollars, and, will be under 1" at 50 yards. Be very careful which conversion you get. The fun of 22lr, is with no recoil to speak of, it is easy to be tack driving accurate. It's also real easy to end up with a gun you can outshoot in these conversions. I would NOT be happy spending 300 bucks for a conversion that doesn't shoot as well as a Ruger Mark II, or Browning Buckmark.

One could argue the 9mm recoils like a 22lr already, so why not buy a CZ 75, and have a tack driver with cheap ammo for 400 dollars or less?

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