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I’m looking for something that is fast and cheap
Do a reality check. Faster does not equate with cheaper, since you have to pay more for anything faster or slower than "standard velocity".
that will kill a rat instantly even with a body shot
Body shots do not kill instantly. Wanna know why? OK, tell me where you are hitting the rat. You can't. Most of a rat's body is abdominal cavity, guts. Gut shots don't kill fast, plain and simple.
Shot placement isnt always an option
Shot placement is king. Don't believe me? An employee of the Smithsonian was sent to Africa in the early 1900s to collect specimens. He collected over 3,000 specimens with a 22LR up to and including an elephant. Coincidence? No, shot placement. Each one was shot through the eye.

A friend and I used to go out to shoot rats at a local feedlot when I lived in Idaho. He looked at me one time and said "I can tell which ones you shot and which ones I shot. You shoot 'em in the head". Just do that.
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