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How many rats are you shooting that $8(100rounds) worth of good quality ammo is cost prohibitive? You want it to be effective, yet you want it to be cheap. Accuracy generally comes before bullet performance, IOWs, cheap ammo can and may be accurate, but it's projectile may not be the most effective or what you want. Cheap ammo can also be fast. Biggest cost of any ammo other than brass is the projectile. Want it to perform, most of the time, even on marginal hits, you need to pay for it. Otherwise be pickier about your shots and the projectile won't matter.

Back when I was a kid, we used to shoot rats at the town dump. Was great target practice. Generally took a hit to the head or spine to drop them in their tracks. This is where type of projectile didn;t matter. Otherwise they crawled back into a hole and a few minutes later you could hear them squeal as their buddies ate them alive..........
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