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There's a difference between killing a varmint, and anchoring him on the spot before he can crawl down a hole that's only 4 inches away. I won't begrudge a fellow for using a .22. Especially for tiny critters that tend to scurry quickly, leaving little opportunity for a perfectly placed shot.

He's looking for something low cost, so that means .22 shorts are out. Rat shot is very effective, but also way out of line because of cost. Have you guys actually checked prices lately? That CCI rat shot is more expensive than the 12 gauge target loads at Walmart!

Use something with either a flat point or wide hollow point. I'm not sure whether any of them will expand within an inch of penetration (solids expand in ballistic gel just like hollowpoints do, since they're all soft lead), so the blunt nose will punch rather than poke, transferring more shock.

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