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From the forum rules:

You must be an active member of TFL. In order to start a thread in the Gun Show you must have been a member for at least 30 days and have 25 MEANINGFUL posts in the other discussion forums. In other words, "+1", emoticons, fluffed comments, etc. without a meaningful statement involved do not apply. Postings in the Gun Show Forum, with the exception of the Feedback subforum, do not add to post count. In addition, we expect you to continue to contribute to the forum. Using the Gun Show forums as a free storefront, without being active in other forums, will result in loss of privileges.
Welcome to TFL! The buy/sell/trade section is for use by active TFL members. Since this is a firearms discussion forum, the rules try to prevent people from joining TFL for the sole purpose of using the buy/sell/trade part of the site.
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